K-Drama Spotlight


Hey guys! With the new year came some new things to do. I had an urge to start a Korean drama but I had no idea where to even begin.

I happened to hear of this particular drama through Twitter and I had to check it out. It’s called Age of Youth.

In all truthfulness, I’ve just barely started the drama. However, from first impressions I knew I was going to really enjoy this and I wanted to share it with my lovely readers.

If you are like me and you are all for girl power and a story that centers more around real life issues, you will want to check this K-Drama out. “A slice-of-life story about five college students who connect over the growing pains in their youth.”

I’m in my twenties and I can relate to these characters a lot. It helps that the characters themselves all seem so real, which shows how good the writing is so far.

If you have seen and finished this drama, please, no spoilers! If you haven’t watched it yet, join me and let’s enjoy the show together.

With love,



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