Vaseline: Aloe Soothe


Hello everyone! Is it just me or is the month of January starting to fly by? Either way, I’m still on that new year kick.

Other than your face, you need to make sure to keep your overall body moisturized too. One ingredient I can always count on? Aloe vera of course! What better than a lotion from Vaseline to take care of that issue.

One of the best things about this product is that it can be found at pretty much any drugstore. It’s like a checklist thing for me, if it’s easily found then it’s automatically on my good list.

Vaseline is a company known for making really moisturizing and healing products so I always turn to them when I am in need of something along those lines. This lotion in particular is so amazing for the sole fact that it has aloe. On top of that, the lotion isn’t greasy feeling AT ALL.

The product sinks into your skin quickly, however, don’t let that part fool you. It’s still very moisturizing and it even has a pleasantly light scent of aloe. If you are into lotions with lighter smells, this is a great choice.

Sometimes I get rashes and annoying welts from allergies so I need a more soothing lotion for my skin during those instances. This product is the best for everyday use and for times when I have red and itchy spots on my arms and legs. You can’t go wrong with it!

With love,



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