The Green Tea Cream


Hey guys! I am so happy with the weather lately, it hasn’t been too hot or too cold and it’s been raining as well.

Time to start the week off right with a beauty review on a really cool product. I love tea, especially green tea, and it’s great for skincare to boot. I was pleasantly surprised to see TonyMoly had a green tea watery cream!

Remember when I shared a picture of all those samples I got from my order at Jolse? Well one of those samples was for the Chok Chok green tea cream.

I am obsessed with TonyMoly products, they make such great skincare items and I was very intrigued with this one. This cream is the best for oily skin types because the formula is gel-like and absorbs quickly without leaving a sticky feeling or residue.

It’s very moisturizing and is made with fermented green tea extract. You can absolutely tell too because when I was rubbing this on, I got so giddy because it really smelled like wonderful green tea. With a hint of citrus too!

You can find more info on the official site. I highly recommend it myself, the cream went on “watery” and absorbed so well into my skin. It felt moisturizing without being greasy and that is my jam.

With love,




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