The Black Tea Cream


Hello everyone! Sorry about no post last Friday, I ended up having a busier day than expected but I am back.

New week, new fresh start and I’m here to talk about a sister product to the green tea cream. This time around, we have a black tea cream from TonyMoly. Let’s check out this moisturizer and see the difference.

Like the green tea cream, this moisturizer is made with pure tea extract. This time it is black tea and in a way, it reminded me of Earl Grey because I detected a bit of citrus once again in the scent.

The first difference I noticed is that this cream is definitely a bit thicker. And once I began rubbing it into my skin, it didn’t quite sink in as easily either. This cream is more of a heavy moisturizer in my opinion, probably aimed at people with much drier skin types.

So while I did enjoy this product, I definitely wouldn’t purchase on my own because I am an oily skin type and this ended up feeling a bit greasy on me. I am more partial to the green tea cream for sure!

If you have dry skin, this is a great product to check out! It smells like actual black tea and it feels super moisturizing. I love it when products use more natural ingredients to benefit the skin and I’m sure you lovely readers do too.

With love,



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