Floria Foam Cleanser


Hello everyone! It’s the start of a fresh new week and I’m here to talk about a cool (and new to me) foam cleanser.

This is part of my review series on the tons of samples I received recently and this particular product was one of my favorites. It’s the Floria Brightening Foam Cleanser from TonyMoly!

If you have followed me for awhile now, you will know that Korean foam cleansers are my jam. They are always super gentle, smell fantastic, and get my face squeaky clean. Being an oily skin type, this all makes me a very happy camper.


And I also struggle with acne scars so the “brightening” cleansers are my go-to! I was happy to see that the sample I received was that exact type because when I researched Floria, they have other cleanser types as well.

So yes, this cleanser smells amazing! Maybe it’s the Lotus water in it? Comes out a cream and turns to foam with the help of water. I gently rub it all over my face and get a good clean before rinsing it off with lukewarm water. Love the way it leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright. There’s no irritation or that skin tightening feeling that harsher cleansers tend to give.

This one sample definitely had me looking into it more so I highly recommend this cleanser for people with sensitive and/or oily skin. Give Korean foam cleansers a try!

With love,



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