Pokemon Cleansers: Squirtle!


Hello everyone! New week, fresh start as I always say. I am so excited about today’s beauty review because I am starting on the special edition Pokemon line from TonyMoly!

Remember all those cool samples I got from my purchase at Jolse? I had a good handful of Pokemon skincare samples and I was more than ready to jump in on those.

So I did my research after reading what I could on the sample packets (I can read Hangul pretty well) and saw what each product was supposed to do.

The Squirtle product is a hydrating foam cleanser and it has Lotus extract in it! I was giddy when I saw this (being a Pokemon trainer biased towards the water types) and I had to try it first.

Even though it was just a sample packet, I really didn’t want to tear into it! It was just too cute and Squirtle was my starter Pokemon when I used to play it on my Gameboy back in the day.

Anyway, onto the review! The cleanser came out like a cream, which is typical of foam cleansers because they lather up once you add water. But oh my goodness, this cleanser smells SO WONDERFULLY AMAZING! It has to be the Lotus extract because it’s the only thing I can think of. That and the Floria cleanser from TonyMoly also has Lotus in it and smells fantastic.

Out of all the Korean foam cleansers I’ve tried though, this one smells the best. I want to cry with how much I love this product, hitting at my 90’s kid heart and my skincare addict self. The cleanser worked really well and lathered up nicely. If you get irritated skin like I do sometimes, this type is really good for soothing that because of the hydrating properties. I am the biggest fan!

With love,




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