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Hello everyone. I know that a post in the middle of the week (let alone a Tuesday) is kind of odd, but this came to me after some thinking.

I am a writer and I know that what I do best is blogging so I felt like I needed to get this all out there whilst I still had the courage to do so. This might turn out to be a long read but if you’re willing, please listen.

I’m not going to sugar coat anything, things are looking pretty glum for me. Because I come from such a small town, it’s been damn near impossible to find a stable job. And I have mentioned before that I do need donations from readers to keep this site alive.

To show you guys just how hard it’s been, let me tell you about the past. When I graduated high school, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do. I knew my passions lied in reading and writing but I didn’t know what to do with that. So that’s when I started listening to other people. And while they probably didn’t mean anything bad by it, they were kind of telling me how to live my life.

I think that’s when things went wrong and I ended up following a path that wasn’t my own. So for about 5 years, I was working jobs that made me absolutely miserable. One job even went as far as to make me borderline depressed. I know mental health is important, but during that time it was the last thing on my mind. How horrible is that? I was putting money and what people thought of me first. My parents were happy I had a “good job” but I was the exact opposite.

I was always really angry at something or really sad and constantly feeling down. I thought something was wrong with me. Boy, was I not thinking straight. It was because I was doing something I didn’t enjoy and for all the wrong reasons too.

It wasn’t until I started thinking for myself that I decided to quit the last job I had and man, was that an eye opener. I was finally free. I was feeling much lighter, as if a weight had been lifted off of me. I was talking to my friends more and because of that, I started realizing more and more that I was the one making myself unhappy.

All because I was putting what other people thought of me first. Everyone saw I had a “good job” so they were all proud and I thought, that’s good enough for me then. Because people saw what they wanted to see. They didn’t see that I was suffering.

Then one thing lead to another and I finally decided, I want to start blogging. I love writing, I always have. It just never hit me to do something like running a blog because I was so caught up in “finding that good job” like everyone was telling me to.

That’s when I became determined to making writing and blogging my career.


However, I really can’t do this alone. I need help from the readers who have given my blog some love. That’s why I ask for donations. Not to be annoying or to get attention or anything like that. It’s because I really do need help.

So now I’m asking for advice from seasoned bloggers. What exactly helped to make your blog your career? How is it that you are now writing for a living? I would love to know! I would love to have your advice and your help!

I am so unbelievably determined to make this my job but I can’t do it without help. I know this because I am big enough to admit that running a blog and writing content every week is freaking hard. I’m not going to lie about it. I love writing, don’t get me wrong. It’s the coming up with new content all the time that’s a dream killer. But I won’t lose hope. I have been running my blog for nearly two years now, I’m not stopping yet.

And if you happen to be someone who used to live in the states but now works abroad, I would love some advice on that too! Honestly, I have always wanted to work somewhere more up north like Canada. Since middle school, I’ve had thoughts like this so I know that feeling won’t be going away any time soon.

If you made it this far, thank you so much for taking the time to read all my thoughts. I wrote this with my heart and it took a lot of courage. I’m hoping you lovely readers will give me a chance. Determination is what’s driving me now and I hope it keeps me going for a long time to come. And remember, donations are always welcome!

With love,



5 thoughts on “Asking For Advice

  1. Hmm, I am not a full-time blogger and not earning any money from my blog yet, but so far I know, people get money by writing sponsor posts, selling their own products and running ads on their blog.
    Depending on what you want to write, you can try different things with your blog. There are some people write about IT and add some ads related to their post. You can search and join affiliate networks that work for your blog and readers too.
    I know some blogger start earning few dollars after 5+ years of blogging. Some blogger starts earning after a year of blogging. It really depends on their focus, readers, and other things.
    I have a full-time job that’s not related to my major, and just enough to support my living and my parents. I just blog every night little by little. Maybe not a long nice written post, but that’s my hard work. I want to be a full-time blogger too, but I keep telling myself that it needs time and a lot of hard work.
    I suggest to blog consistently of what you like and want readers (us) to know about. Once your blog grows bigger, it will be easier to get sponsors and other income. By the way, did you think of working as a blogger for brands? Some company runs a blog and sometimes hire people to manage their blog for them. I also heard some sites buy people’s writings. Maybe search on those too?
    I wish you luck and the best! Never give up! We all can do it!

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  2. Hey Maricela! I’d HIGHLY recommend checking out Melyssa Griffin’s posts at She makes 6 figures from her blog every month and is an awesome person to learn from. She shares blogging + social media tips and is always running webinars for her readers (I was JUST watching her Pinterest one haha). I started blogging a few months ago and have been able to make a small income from it so far and think investing in my blogging education by taking courses + reading ebooks has made a big impact on that.

    Side note, I think Ruth Soukup’s book: How To Blog For Profit Without Selling Your Soul is a great resource to start with + it’s not too pricey.

    Something I’ve seen recommended on other blogs as well is to start a self hosted blog. If you have a self hosted blog there aren’t any restrictions and you can join and promote any affiliate programs or ad networks you’d like to.

    Also, here are the top monetization methods most bloggers use:

    * Join an ad network (Google adsense, medianet, or sovrn)
    * Become an affiliate (think of products you typically buy or companies you usually buy from and see if they have an affiliate program – for example, joining the program at memebox if you buy a lot of Korean skincare + cosmetics from there)
    * Sponsored posts (I’ve heard a ton of good things about IZEA)
    * Create a course or ebook (so you can share your knowledge and get paid! 🙂

    Also, being clear on who your reader is and categorizing your blog’s topics are two super important parts of the equation as well. Woah, this has turned into a pretty big wall of text!

    Anyways, you got this! Making money from your blog does take time, but with tried & true strategies put into place, it shouldn’t be too long before you can make a good income from it. 🙂

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    • Thank you! This post might be a big wall of text but all of it is super helpful! Hopefully I can take away from this and start making money off my blog soon. I have been putting a lot of work and effort into it, I just needed the right advice to really get it going. So thank you! I feel like this will really help me out and have me walking in the right direction. Thank you for reading and taking the time to reply ❤

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      • For sure! If you have any specific questions on blogging or monetization, feel free to email me and I’d be super happy to answer them! And if I don’t have the exact answer, I could send you a few resources that could help. You got this, Maricela! 🙂

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