Skincare Routine: Week 1


Hey guys! Happy Friday to you all! I’m in such a bright spring mood today, especially since in the KPOP world, IU’s new album is officially out and I’m enjoying it as we speak.

Also, things are looking good with my trial of the Korean skincare routine. I have managed to do a 6 step regimen that I think fellow oily skin types will like. So let’s get started!

I will first give my before and after pictures. I took the before image on Sunday and the after is the one I took this morning (Friday) so it’s been about five days total of my first trial week.

Dark shirt is my before and pink shirt is my after. I’m quite impressed! Of course, my deepest acne scars are still there but my overall skin tone is brighter. And I noticed my t-zone is not as oily as it usually is. My face really looks much more awake and refreshed. For the first five days, I would say this is an improvement!

Of course, seeing how things turn out next week is what I’m looking forward to. So be sure to look out for that update! Now, onto the beauty products I used. They are all Korean of course and can be easily found on Amazon for decent prices.

Step 1 & 2: Double Cleansing

I used The Face Shop’s rice water bright line for the first two steps. You can buy the cleansing oil and foam cleanser together for the same price of Banila’s Clean It Zero. That to me is a bargain.

Basically, you use the oil based cleanser first to melt away any leftover makeup and gunk on your face and then use the foaming cleanser to remove residue. The gentle foam really helps to clean your skin and turn it into a blank canvas for the rest of the products.


Step 3: Toner

My absolute favorite toner of all time is from Etude House. It’s the wonder pore toner and it’s amazing. Toning is important after cleansing because it balances your pH levels and preps your skin to absorb any serums and moisturizers.


Step 4: Moisturizer

Pretty much my go-to product is from Nature Republic. It’s the popular aloe vera gel that’s multi-use! It doesn’t have to just be a moisturizer, it’s great for overall skin ailments and you get so much product for a great price. If you have oily skin, this is wonderful.


Step 5: Serum, Essence, or Cream

This is where it varies depending on your skin concerns. Because I suffer from dark spots, I went for the Mizon snail recovery gel cream. This product is great for skin regeneration and helps with daily skin troubles. So this is where you decide what product is best for your concern.


Step 6: SPF

This is SUPER important in preventing any further skin damage and to keep acne scars from getting worse. SPF application should always be the last step. This product from Etude House is new to me (and yes, there will be a full review next week!) and I’m pleasantly surprised with how well it sits on my skin. Sunprise Mild Airy Finish is fantastic for oily skin!

That’s it for week one! I will be back next Friday with updated results to see if keeping up this Korean skincare routine really works. So far, I’m satisfied with how healthy my skin is looking. I’m excited to be sharing my journey with you lovely readers as well. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

With love,



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