Skincare Routine: Week 2


Hello everyone! Happy Friday! I don’t know about you guys but it feels like I just posted my week 1 results yesterday. How has the week gone by so fast?

So I’m back again with my week 2 results this time. I have more thoughts and some extra tips for you lovely readers. Let’s go ahead and get right on to it.

If you want the full run down of my 6 steps, plus the exact products I use, please refer to my first week. It might get a bit repetitive if I keep listing all the things each time.

So as the title states, it’s been two weeks now and I have some tips to add. It helps (especially if you have acne prone skin) to do some masks at least 2-3 days out of the week. And to simplify the routine more on these days.

For example, last weekend I did a clay mask one day and sheet masks for two nights as well. On those days, I didn’t do the full 6 steps because I felt like I was doing more for my skin in the evening with the masks.

Because I was stressing over a million different things, I did still have some breakouts. However, they were always really small and never got out of hand. I’m used to my spots getting really red and inflamed but that was never the case whilst I was keeping up the routine. I’m very amazed to be quite honest!

Going to put the very first pic against today’s pic.

The lighting is a little wonky and I’m terribly sorry about that but at the very least, you can see the difference. My skin is already looking more polished than before I started the skincare routine! It keeps everything under control, including the ever annoying sebum that’s like an arch nemesis for us oily skin folk.

My absolute favorite products out of these weeks so far have to be the Etude House duo; the wonder pore and the sunprise products!

Be sure to catch next week’s update to see if anything changes for me. Have a wonderful weekend everybody!

With love,



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