Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Masks


Hello everyone! I am so pumped up for today’s beauty review because I finally get to try a variety of masks from Innisfree!

A while back (and I’m talking like over a year ago) I tried a couple of masks from Innisfree and I enjoyed them. This time around, I managed to find a variety pack on Amazon with 15 types to try!


With 15 different kinds of masks to try, I was already in heaven. Especially since with these masks, there were some very unique types. For instance, I saw one called bija which I had no idea what that was. There was a kiwi one and a bamboo one and different from the usual lemon type that I see, there was a LIME one instead.

I had a hard time choosing which ones to try first. The great thing about the packaging is there is Korean and English, and on the back it also describes what the ingredient is meant for.

One thing that really caught me by surprise is that some of the masks are more milky while others are more towards the serum/liquid consistency.

As you can tell, one mask is more white and the other is more clear. Both masks are Innisfree I promise, but this is what I meant by the different consistencies. I found that part really unique as well. It was like getting a different treatment depending on which mask I chose.

As for the quality, these sheet masks are up there on the list. Innisfree products are top notch and you can tell when you wear the mask. It adheres to the face like a glove and the product is packed with serum. It’s not too runny so none of it falls off, even if you are moving around.

I absolutely recommend these sheet masks, they are so comfy to wear, amazing quality, and you get a variety of types to choose from! Each one is like a different spa day and they smell wonderful to boot. The packaging is also aesthetically pleasing, something that usually sells me on Korean products. Don’t miss out on trying these!

With love,



2 thoughts on “Innisfree It’s Real Squeeze Masks

  1. Wow, so many Innisfree sheet masks! I think the Bija is supposed to treat acne and other skin irritation. Looking forward to reading your reviews on the other variants. 💕


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