New Aloe Gel To Try


Hey guys! I have had quite the weekend and I’m so glad I managed to get some sleep last night so I can start this new week off right.

I’m still on that kick of finding new Korean beauty products at outlet stores like Ross and TJ Maxx and that’s what today’s review is on. I found a new aloe gel to try! My holy grail product is the aloe gel from Nature Republic so I had to try this new one ASAP.

I feel like when it comes to warmer weather, especially around summer time, aloe gel is a staple. It’s one of those must haves that’s in every household because it’s great for sunburns and skin irritations and it’s a nice moisturizer!

The way the gel is pictured online, it looks similar to Nature Republic’s because it’s in a jar/tub container. I actually found this product at Ross in the portable squeeze-tube form and I was quite happy. This way, I could take the aloe gel with me anywhere.

I always appreciate Korean packaging because they are so good at sealing their products! Makes someone like me feel a lot better because I have such acne-prone skin.

As you can tell in the pic, it comes out clear. And this particular gel claims to be even more aloe concentrated than Nature Republic with 98% vs the 92%. I used this as my daily moisturizer for about a week to make a comparison and I gotta say, I wasn’t all that impressed.

While it claims to be 98% aloe, I didn’t really feel that. It kind of left a sticky feeling on my face. While the feeling didn’t last long, I never got that with the Nature Republic version. I think the formula with Nature Republic is more moisturizing somehow because it always sunk into my skin nicely. Not to say this gel wasn’t moisturizing, because it was, but it didn’t feel as comfortable and that was a major factor for me.

All in all, if you are looking for an aloe gel to take with you on-the-go for little skin irritations, this is a good product. Otherwise, I would definitely go for the Nature Republic gel instead. The formula is better and more comfortable.

With love,



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