Innisfree Masks: Faves


Hey guys! I know I have readers from everywhere but here, it’s the last day of school and that means that summer officially starts this weekend.

How is the time flying by so fast? Anyway, I’m sure a lot of you were expecting this post for quite some time now. I’ve used most of the Innisfree masks and I want to point out some favorites!

One of my favorites is actually a type that I had never heard about. The bija sheet mask that’s supposed to be similar to tea tree!


That’s what the fruit looks like. Interesting right? From what I read about it, both on the packaging and online, it’s essentially a really great ingredient for troubled skin. That sounded like it was right up my alley and I tried it first. I enjoyed it a lot! It did feel quite similar to tea tree in many ways but I am not complaining. My skin felt more calm after using this type.

Lime was another favorite! I love anything with citrus as it is, but it’s usually lemon that I see in sheet masks. It was refreshing to have something new! Lime is one of my favorite fruits as well, it brings back memories of childhood and travelling to Mexico for family gatherings. Great mask for brightening up the face!

Rose was kind of a given since I’ve tried it before but because it’s been awhile, I forgot how much I loved it. I have been OBSESSED with having roses in my skincare lately. It feels like I never knew how great it was! Like how have I not used it more before? The scent is super relaxing and with the Innisfree mask, it feels like a real spa day having it on.

I’ve even taken to drinking rose tea every day which I definitely want to get into so I want you lovely readers to be on the lookout for a post next week! It actually centers a bit around Korean beauty/skincare and it’s interesting!

On an ending note, I have to say that Innisfree sheet masks are now my absolute favorite and have become my go-to. They are all super comfortable to wear and are packed with quality serum! And with the many types to choose from, it’s like a candy store without the guilt. These were just my personal picks so I hope you guys get a chance to try them yourself!

With love,



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