Benefits of Rose Tea


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having a great Memorial Day weekend! As mentioned last week, I really want to talk about rose tea.

There is a reason why I’m filing this under beauty related stuff because this is actually something common in Asia. I have noticed (mostly in Korean media) that people love to drink rose tea in the evening. I had to look up the benefits!

Now I don’t know why it took me so dang long to finally look up rose tea and all its benefits but I’m SO GLAD I did. There are so many! I was totally not expecting a long list of health and beauty benefits. It’s no wonder I kept seeing it pop up in various Korean shows.

I bought my rose tea off of Amazon so you lovely readers can do the same or maybe you are lucky enough to be able to find it in a nearby market. Whatever rose tea suits your fancy, I just sort of looked around to see which organic product was a good balance of price and quality.

Onto the benefits! Menstrual cramps, yes that’s right, it helps with those period pains. That was a main factor for me in buying this stuff.

Immune system boost because rose tea is PACKED with vitamin C!

Rose tea can improve digestion by acting as a mild, natural laxative. It’s been used as a remedy for constipation and keeping the digestive system in good working condition.

The scent of the tea, along with drinking it, has been known to help with stress and anxiety! That was such a huge deal for me as well, especially since I already enjoy the smell of roses.

The biggest one that popped up when looking up rose tea and why people drink it so much is treating acne! I mean, why do we always see rose hip or rose petal extract in different beauty products? It’s because rose petals contain anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These are key in battling skin ailments like acne!

So other than just spending lots of money buying beauty products, try getting the benefits naturally by drinking rose tea. It’s delicious, smells fantastic, and is super relaxing in the evenings. Also, it is caffeine free so it’s wonderful to have anytime of day. I hope today’s post was helpful and inspires you lovely readers to try the tea!

With love,



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