New Tea Tree Masks


Hello everyone! My sister’s birthday was on Friday so that’s why there was no post. Also, if you follow me on Twitter, you would have gotten the heads up.

But I’m back now and I’m so happy to be doing another sheet mask review! I managed to find this pack of masks at Marshall’s and it’s tea tree on top of that. For oily skin types, this is the best!

I feel like if there is one beauty item I can’t do without, it’s sheet masks. They are so convenient and easy and provide great skincare! So being able to find Korean masks at stores like Marshall’s and TJ Maxx makes me one happy camper.

I found this in a box of 10 which is fantastic if you like to stock up. On the front, it claims this mask is for acne treatment and anti-aging. With tea tree, that was kind of a given.

I pulled the mask out of the package and it was a bit flimsy. I felt like I could have ripped it on accident so I was SUPER gentle when unfolding it. Once I placed it on my face, it was fine but a bit weirdly shaped.


As you can tell around the eye area, it’s almost like it’s slanted slightly. Even with the odd shape though, the sheet mask fit like a glove and stayed on nicely. It had a good amount of serum as well so I was content wearing it. It has a very mellow tea tree scent and it’s pretty soothing.

For the price and the fact that I can find this at Marshall’s, I would definitely purchase these again. The mask might be oddly shaped but it still does the trick! After taking it off, my problem spots were noticeably more calm. If you are stressed or maybe your time of the month is near, these are a wonderful skincare item to have around.

With love,



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