New Green Tea Sheet Mask


Hey guys! It’s Friday and I am pumped up because the weekend is near and I have a sheet mask review today.

We all know green tea is amazing in many ways, like having natural antibacterial properties and such. Having that in a sheet mask is a huge plus so when I find one, I automatically jump at the chance to try it!

And believe it or not, I found these sheet masks at Marshall’s! Once again, finding some surprising beauty items at these stores.

These are green tea infused, collagen essence masks from The Cure. It’s perfect for all skin types and is geared towards hydration and health. The front has a short little summary basically saying that green tea has amazing antioxidants that slow down the breakdown of collagen and reduces UV damage.

I sometimes wash my face with green tea! It’s not just a drinkable thing, it’s a skincare thing as well. If you have sensitive skin like I do, try green tea sheet masks or wash your face with the actual tea once in awhile.


The sheet mask itself is decent. It has weird little ridges on it but it doesn’t affect the way it fits at all. It has a good amount of serum and smells like green tea. This is super relaxing and I really enjoyed having it on.

After taking it off, I definitely noticed my skin looked more radiant. This is a wonderful mask for when you are having dull or irritated skin because it is like a pick-me-up. Plus, the fact that you can find these masks at stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s means they are affordable as well. I recommend you lovely readers check it out! Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

With love,



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