Lavender Infused Sheet Mask


Hey guys! I’m starting this Monday off with a bang because I’ve got another sheet mask review and it’s pretty exciting.

This is my first time using a lavender infused sheet mask and I couldn’t be happier! Lavender is one of my all time favorite scents and now I have found it in a mask meant for treating acne and soothing the skin.

Just like the front says, it’s made in Korea and is infused with lavender oil. This particular mask is from a brand called The Creme Shop.

I got so eager when I read the full description because it sounded like something that was my cup of tea. This mask is perfect for reducing redness and irritation and with the antiseptic properties, it helps keep the skin free of bacteria. YES PLEASE!

Plus, who doesn’t love the amazingly relaxing scent of lavender? It’s so soothing! I love that it also mentions to refrigerate the mask for a more cooling effect.


I do have a bone to pick with the sheet mask itself though. It was kind of difficult to unfold and as you can see from the pic, the mask has a lot of flaps and openings. It made it a bit tedious to fix it onto my face. Why make it so hard to apply the mask? I think the packing could have been done better.

However, once having it on, I was immediately relaxed. The scent was pure lavender and I did feel the cooling/tingling effect as time went on. Taking it off, my face felt really rejuvenated! I noticed the difference right away and I had problem spots that looked a lot better afterwards. So in the end, I would recommend these masks.

And guess what? I found these at TJ Maxx, dun dun dun! I would have enjoyed it even more if they sold it in a bigger pack than 5 but we can’t have it all. Thank you lovely people for reading!

With love,



4 thoughts on “Lavender Infused Sheet Mask

    • The thing is though (and maybe this is bc I’ve used so many) some sheet masks aren’t like that at all! This one in particular had so many weird flaps and that’s why it was so annoying 😦 I have been running across some good ones lately though, so can’t complain too much 😀


      • I have tried maybe 40 different types and brands of sheet masks and there’s only a small handful that didn’t have the flaps for me! But that’s good that you have found a lot of good ones 🙂


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